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"For years I had numerous acne scars all over my face. I thought that I would probably have them for the rest of my life. I used the gel and cream because it made my skin look and feel much better then anything else I had used. After I started the second jar I noticed the scars were beginning to fade and now you would never know I ever had any. I would never had believed one product would do so much for my skin. Thank you Skin Magic!"- S.P. Seattle WA
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Skin Magic™ gets rid of unwanted facial blemishes and tightens skin in 24hours!

Skin Magic™

An amazing South American skin formula for removing: scars, warts, moles, wrinkles, and brown spots. Skin Magic™ Pau'd Arco gel is excellent for razor burn, candida rash, excema, acne, and other skin problems.


  • Removes scars, warts, moles, and brown spots.
  • Tightens and tones skin while re-moving dead skin cells
  • Beautiful glowing vibrant looking skin overnight.
  • Beautiful skin in 24hours.
  • Reduces the effects of aging and wrinkles especially for hands, neck, eyes, and face.
  • Great for razor burn and rashes of any type as well as skin cancers.
  • Pain relief for bee stings, insect bites, poison ivy, eczema, and psoriasis.
  • Look years younger!


Skin Magic™ has remarkable tightening, toning and exfoliating qualities which can create immediate improvements in the color, texture, and suppleness of your skin. Skin Magic™ also works on bee stings, spider bites, boils, and blisters.

Pau d'Arco (Lapacho Morado) or Tabeuia Altissima contains the active principal lapachol also known as lapachic acid. Pau d'Arco is a naphthoquinone also a natural yellow/red pigment compound.


Because of the immense popularity and recent emergence of Pau d 'Arco as a hot item from South America it is essential that every shipment we receive is tested for active ingredients because so much of the imported bark is not real Pau d' Arco.

Skin Magic™ is extremely difficult to manufacture because only one of a thousand thickeners can be used and only sparingly as the wrong amount at the wrong time will destroy the active ingredient that does so much. Our gel is almost ninety percent pure Pau d' Arco and the only competitiors use a lotion of only 15% while containing lanolin (which destroys Pau d' Arco) and costs much more then our product.

Skin Magic™ is highly concentrated so use only a very small amount at a time. For best results apply with a damp finger and rub gently into skin, especially on the face until it disappears. If it seems sticky then you have used too much. The more often it is applied the faster the results. It also can be used under make-up if not too much is used.

The results and testimonials from using the gel are simply amazing especially after continuous use. Defiantly after four weeks you should notice and overall healthier glowing complexion. Scars, warts, moles brown spots, stretch marks, may take longer. Skin rashes, bee stings, insect bites and sunburn can be relieved almost immediately. On the east coast don't forget the deer tick and Lyme's disease.

Dead skin will come of immediately with little rubbing after application. Many people use the gel under arms daily to fight bacteria (odor) and it is great for the lymph system this way. Many people also notice a nice firmer yet smoother texture to their skin after continuous use. Persons with Eczema and Psoriasis have seen dramatic results. In the southwest and in Florida Pau d'Arco gel has been used extensively to relieve the itchy redness of skin cancers. In many cases the redness disappears completely, Pau d'Arco gel works well for Athlete's foot, Candida (rash), cuts and bruises and even hemorrhoids.

The most common reaction with Pua d"Arco gel is that usually someone starts using it for warts, brown spots or skin cancers then they find they really like the way their skin feels and looks that they keep using it permanently. Pau d'Arco gel is the type of product that every household in America should have because it is truly the first aid kit in a jar.

Skin Magic Pau d"Arco has an astringent quality therefore making it an excellent skin tightener sort of like a mini face lift especially if you put extra amounts on your face at night and let it soak in for half an hour before retiring.

Note: Although Pau d'Arco Gel gas been used effectively by Philippine doctors, for various tumors, breast cancer and skin cancers the information is not allowed to be used in the U.S. Therefore no claims can be made for any cures whatsoever and this information is for education only and not meant to be used to cure or prevent diseases. For any medical problem a health professional should be consulted.


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